Press Release

Kajean is passionate and creative visionary who uses her unique perspective to help connect the world with great design, alternative ideas, energies and a new perspective. She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t give up and has proven herself to become a master at anything she sets her mind to.

She attended Kendall College of Art and Design, one of the last true great Bauhaus Movement Design schools left after World Ward II, where she excelled at Branding, Marketing, and Visual Communications and graduated with honors in 2003. Shortly after graduation, she became a member of AIGA and received an Addy award for one of her publication designs.

Kajean’s success wouldn’t stop there. In 2005, after being diagnosed as morbidly obese. She looked deep with in and realized that her life was of coarse and that she needed to make a change. She then focused her intentions inward and decided to have RNY Gastric Bypass surgery, which helped her lose over 210lbs. Make that 460lbs counting 250 lbs of excess baggage in the form of an abusive ex-husband. She continued to work on herself and started hosting her surgeon’s Bariatric Support group meetings and speaking publicly about her weight loss story, body image and self-esteem.


She joined a Dale Carnegie coarse in 2006, which gave her the mental tools that would pave the way for personal growth and continued success in all aspects of her life. Through growth and manifestations, she soon found herself in a whole new frontier as a Sales and Marketing Director for a new recycling company. After a couple years of providing innovative recycling options to small- medium size businesses in Western Michigan, they were forced to close their doors due to the recession in 2008 that damaged much of Michigan’s manufacturing industry. Their work continues on with Goodwill Industries’ new recycling program, which they helped create and implement.

Kajean then went on to work for the Green Group’s parent company, a large commercial real-estate firm, where she would direct sales and marketing efforts to find leads and transition the company through a downsize. Her persistence and hard work connected them with over 250 of Michigan Manufacturing companies. They soon noticed commonalities and connections that could be developed between many of the business community and brought them together in a collaboration that would support a strong and diverse local economy that carried us out of the recession. This in turn led to a better local economy and thus more businesses that would need space.

In 2008 she convinced the president of Michigan Blood Banks to let her repel down the side of Mr. Grooter’s 400ft downtown high rise building, the tallest building in in Grand Rapids, during an “Over The Edge” promotion.

She now has found herself taking on the ever rewarding challenges of motherhood and enjoys the freedom of staying home with her kids while starting up her own Design and Photography company, Jade Turtle and has achieved PPWM’s Top 10 Photographer of 2016 award. She continues to push herself to keep learning and joined the MKMMA in September of 2016, which revitalized her perspective and helped focus her dharma. Only great things are to come of this powerfully driven and unique woman.