My Epic Easter Fiasco

I know that Easter is about so much more than a bunny who hides eggs, but this is my easter story.

You see, I really dropped the ball this Easter and waited until the last minute again to get everything in order. I’ve never really done too much for the holiday; we color six eggs each and each kid gets a simple and useful basket with a toy, chocolate bunny and a few pieces of candy.  I had already purchased the candy, but put off buying the basket and the toys because I just wasn’t sure what to get. Time got away with me and I found myself the night before Easter and nothing but candy. This is so backward to how I want to do things guys seriously.

On top of that, I waited until the day before Easter to color the eggs and did it a new way. We tried using shaving cream and food coloring to make tie die like eggs. Let’s just say that it did not go over well. Lily freaked out when she got some on her because she didn’t like how it felt, how it smelled and that the color wouldn’t come off her fingers. Jackson also disapproved of this method and Zack, who saw what I was doing, reminded me that he did not like that texture and didn’t want to use it. (I don’t know what the kid is going to do when he starts shaving). So I had made a couple of traditional colors as a backup just in case. I was disappointed that the color from the shaving cream didn’t stay in the eggs better. Maybe we were supposed to leave them in longer. I ended up dipping them in the other colors I created, which created some neat looking effects. Jackson was also quite upset that the color would not come off his hands and said that he doesn’t like to color the eggs, only find them. Ok buddy, I will take that into account next year.


Before I knew it the day was done and I still needed to go to the store and get baskets. So finally at 9pm on the day before Easter, I headed to the store for some baskets. To my dismay, they were about all sold out of empty Easter baskets. I then went to the home/craft department where I found some handy natural looking wire/rope baskets that could later be used for storage. Score! I also found a sequin pillow and mermaid ball for Jackson and Lily as well as a bunch of gum and snacks for Zack.

The kids were still awake when I got home, so I left everything in the car. I should also note that I had already purchased the candy days ago and had left it in the car as well. I remembered in the middle of the hot day yesterday that all that chocolate was in the sun and immediately put them in the freezer. They were mostly fine, but the ears on the chocolate bunnies were a little floppy this year.

After making sure the kids were sleeping, I went out to the car and brought the stuff in. By this time I was too tired to make the baskets and decided to do it early in the morning. Well, I bet you can guess what happened…

I slept in! I get up around 5-5:30 am EVERY morning, how could I sleep in?! I burst out of bed and try to quietly scramble everything together in the dark, desperately trying not to make too much noise. My little Jackson is not only an early bird, but a light sleeper too. I located the items purchased from the store the previous night and gently lifted the plastic grocery bags from the ground and carry them to my office where I could be hidden to make the baskets. I then realized that I left the candy in the freezer! So then I had to try and lift the big squeaky lid to the chest freezer to get to the candy. After what felt like defusing a bomb, I finally got the contents (more plastic store bags…) out of the freezer and the lid back down reasonably quietly. I then quickly made and hid both Lily and Jackson’s baskets. I also was even able to hide all but two of their eggs when nature suddenly called.

As I am doing my business, I hear Jackson’s little footsteps going down the stairs. I realized in that moment that I was going to be busted. You see, every morning he knows to find me in my office, where I am usually on my computer. However, today I had left all the leftover candy and packaging for making the Easter baskets all spread out on my desk. There were sixlets, jelly beans, cream filled cakes and smarties all just laying out in the open and waiting for his angelic little eyes that don’t miss a thing to spot them. I tried to finish as quickly as I could, but as you know, there is no rushing that type of thing. Once I was done, I rushed down the stairs to see my office door open and the shadow of my four-year-old son peeking into the room murmuring softly, “Mommy?”

I tried to call out to him to distract him away from what was inside, but it was too late. He had started to shut the door but paused when he saw what was inside. By the time I made it all the way down the stairs, he was walking out of the room with a box of opened Little Debbie’s against his chest and the bag of Smarties and Sixlets in his arms.

He looked up and saw me and said with a big grin, “Mommy! I think the Easter Hider was here! Look at all of this stuff!”

I had to laugh at the whole situation and his cuteness. Then he asked, “But why is all of this stuff in your office, Mommy?”

Uh oh!