Week 16 – Kindness Matters

You are lucky to get a double dose this week…

I have been so inspired since I have started taking this course. I am starting to feel empowered and confident like I did before my world was taken over by mini humans. I am focused and determined on coming to Kauai and completing a circle in my journey. This is no easy feat for a family of five on a single income. So to help fund the expenses and manifest this as a reality, I commissioned a calendar of my photographs and offered them for sale on my Facebook page to support my teachings and travels. I was beyond humbled to sell six right off the bat to family and friends. Then, a very popular mentor photographer of mine chimed in and donated some money also, but declined the product with the message to shoot for your dreams and continue learning along the way.

Wow, that hit me like a ton of bricks. First of all, I had no idea this rising star of a photographer even followed me, let alone to comment and give me money to keep educating myself in the arts. It blew my mind and brought me to tears. That woman will forever have me as a follower because of that gesture. She built a bridge to my heart and I would purchase any workshop she was hosting because she showed me how genuine, compassionate and passionate she is in that one simple gesture. It wasn’t a huge amount of money, but it was powerful and affected me on so many levels.

I now see that it’s those simple but powerful acts of kindness that bring us together, strengthen bonds and build bridges to both personal and professional abundance.

As instructed, I have been noticing kindness all around me and been more grateful for everything I have in life. What I have found was that once I focused on noticing the kindness, it seemed to be everywhere and even magnify or grow. Even the small gestures like holding doors for people would lift me up and put a smile on my face and often theirs too. I found that the affect of it lingered and it made me feel more connected with the people and world around me as I went about my day. It seemed that as I did more for others, they did more for me. Our whole family had one of the most connected and harmonious weeks ever.



11 thoughts on “Week 16 – Kindness Matters

  1. Lori Enrico says:

    Your post warms my heart, Kajean! I DO feel lucky to get a double dose and it’s such a wonderful privilege to witness your journey and progress through the Master Keys. Kauai is a life-changing experience….I know you will make it happen! Eager to connect with you soon in person. Love and hugs!

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    • masterkeykajean says:

      Thank you Lori! Yes, it is time to come full circle. My husband is on board and we have the trip all planned out. Now to find the resources. I’m hoping by giving my creative abilities I can earn some of this dream myself. We shall see!

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