Week 12 – A Powerful Story

My husband and I were in the middle of a residential dispute over a house we were leasing and trying to purchase in a neighborhood that was sought after and that we desired. I was pregnant and on bed rest for preterm delivery and taking care of a 6 yr old and 15 month old. We decided things weren’t looking good for us to acquire our current residence (I forgive you Jake and Sarah) so we started to look for a new house with in the same desired neighborhood. We looked at every available house in our neighborhood and none of the was “the one.”

My husband found a house just down the street and around the corner from where we lived. This house was perfect, it sat atop a small hill on the end of a cul-de-sac and was surrounded by tall red and white pines. It sat against a cornfield with 200+ year old majestic oaks that lining the back of the property as a natural fence. The house looked empty, but it wasn’t on the market. We thought it was a foreclosure, but we couldn’t find any information on the status of it. A couple of months went by and my husband drove to that house every day after work just to see if there was a change. I joked with him someone was going to get suspicious and call the cops. We had also looked at 5 other houses in the surrounding area and none of them were “the one”.

We were out of time. On top of that, my son decided to come a month early and we still didn’t know if we were leaving or staying in the house we were in. Despite our best efforts, we lost the battle in court, the down payment we had put down to purchase the house and were forced to quickly find a new place to live, which would end up in my parents’ garage during the unusually hot May of 2012 with a 9yr old, 18 month old a newborn and a dog.

We had looked at every house in that and the surrounding neighborhoods and couldn’t find anything that was it, when suddenly; a house became available 4 houses down from the one we were living in. It was even built by the same builder, had an extra lot next door and some woods in the back. It was a bit smaller than what we wanted and a lot more than we planned on paying, but our options were looking bleak. After a lot of discussion, we decided to put a bid in on it and crossed our fingers. I was so ready to settle into a place and the urge to nest was overwhelming. That night I got the urge to get online again and check the house listings in the area. I could not believe my eyes! The mystery house on the hill had finally hit the market and there were pictures of the inside. What were the odds that the house would finally come onto the market once we put a bid on another house? There was a huge pit in my stomach as we looked at the pictures. This house was gorgeous and it had everything we were looking for and was cheaper… but we had just put a bid in on that other house.

I have never wanted something to fall through so badly in my life, but there was no undo button. We had to wait it out. That night we prayed that our offer would not be accepted. We found out the next day that we were outbid by $300. That’s it, $300. Our realtor was quite surprised at our happiness and we swept in and purchased the foreclosure before there was even a sign out in the yard. Wow, everything happens for a reason and persistence really does pay off. This was years before I learned about MKMMA and manifesting my own reality or the power of thought, but even then I could not ignore the blessing that had happened in our lives.


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