Week 1- My First Blog Post

up-9592.jpgI’m not sure where to start really, except this is an attempt for me to change. To really follow through and and understand myself and thus get out of this rut. I’m feeling overwhelmed and am already behind, but I got this. I want to change. I can change. I need to follow something through until the end. To be committed to myself and my needs. So here we go.


I consider myself to be a strong and resilient person. I have been through many obstacles in life and have learned how to overcome them by changing my way of thinking and thus my reality. I know that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it and I have the power with in to attract what I want in life. Everything was going as I willed. I was about to attain all I ever wanted, then something that I wanted turned out to be my greatest test of strength and character yet. I thought I had changed my way of thinking to the core, but this new challenge shook me to the core and I fell in my own mind and came tumbling back down to the depths of despair that I had worked so hard to climb out of. I thought I had concurred the mountain of my subconscious, but it was to show me that I had not really gone anywhere at all. That I had only scratched the surface of my psyche and there was so much more work to be done. For the last six years I have been trying to find my true self, my  true desires and align myself to the frequency of the cosmic law and eternal or maybe the saying should be internal enlightenment.

To be at the point that I can begin to write about it from an objective standpoint gives me hope that I am making progress and I think I am ready to take on something that will help me on this journey of self discovery. I’m finding that it’s all about perspective.